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REVIEW: Saka Bistro & Bar

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This is not a food review. I repeat. This is not a food review. I will not write about the food because I don't have any photos of it hahaha. Came here many times for lunch because its close to my office and I always order either Buntut Goreng/Bakar or Iga Bakar Sambal Ijo. So many western foods they have but their Iga Bakar Sambal Ijo is da best!

So in this post I only gave you some pictures of the place because every corner of this place is so camera-genic 

The famous Iga Bakar Sambal Ijo
Okay so that's all! Short review from me. Really really short. Hahaha. I'm sorry I can't give you food information. Peace!

Saka Bistro & Bar
📌 Jalan Karangsari no. 2, Sukajadi, BANDUNG
☎ 022-2039651
IG: @sakabistrobar
Open Hours:
Mon-Fri 11am-11pm
Sat 11am-1am
Sun 11am-12am


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