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REVIEW : By Lizzie Parra Lip Coat (Persimmon Pie & Beet Me)

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I hope you have wonderful day which not included face break out (happen to me lately hiks). Anyway, let me ask you about something, how many lipstick do you have? Personally i always love lipstick with pretty color, which lead to buy them but never wear it daily. It's a bad habit, buying things but we wont need it at the end. But lately, the game color of lip color is getting stronger. From the cheap one to the pricey one (Kylie Cosmetics has crazy price tag for lipstick) but surprisingly they sold very fast. But i will not talk about that, i want to talk about the most happening lip coat from our own local girl, Lizzie Parra.

Last month Lizzie Parra, the make up enthusiast and make up artist had launch her first lip coat under her own brand, BLP. She launched 8 colors which are very pretty on our lip. Since the first day, BLP Lip Coat suddenly on high demand. They sold out fast on her website. I need to wait a week for it to restock again and one customer only be allowed to buy one product in one transaction. It is crazy how girls love lipstick or make up now days. Fortunately i bought two from eight shades, which are Persimmon Pie (the fav one) and Beet Me.

Overall, i love the lip coat. It's easy to use, smells soooooo good and not too pricey. Because it isnt a exactly lipstick so it wont wear long on your lip. You need to re apply it after eating or drink. But it stay as long as it need to be. The texture is creamy but it becomes matte very fast once you apply it on your lip. I hate the white tube, because i like to dab my lips after using lipstick with my finger, so the white tube become dirty because my own fault.

Persimmon pie has dark mauve shade. It is my first mauve shade i have. I usually go with pinkish shade. But surprisingly it looks good on me (my husband say so, so...). Persimmon pie also has bit orange-y shade on them, which i like too. And they sold out fast!

Beet me is my go to color actually. That's why i bought it in the first place. Bold pink to fuchsia shade will make my pale face has color instantly. I dont think people very much have a heart with this color, because the most happening shade lately are mauve to brown (thanks to Kylie lipstick) so they wont pick this pinkish shade. But i love it to bits!

But i want to try the Lavender Cream and Burnt Cinnamon, but they sold very fast too. Tell me your favorite lip color? Do you mostly go dark or bright color?


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