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Let's talk about the life being a woman here. It's not always easy but surely it always been fun. The struggles and the happiness about being a woman. This blog is dedicated to our life being ciwi-ciwi or girls and the perks about all that. From travel to cafe hunting, from beauty to how to become good wife and we will talk about anything else in here.

This blog created from five best friends who met at IT dept in college back in Surabaya. Three of us work in Jakarta, one works in Bandung and another one stay in Surabaya. We love anything cute, travel, good food, and some dramas. At first we all work in Jakarta, but as year goes by we scattered into 3 different cities. Although we live in Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya, but it wont change our friendship goes.This blog dedicated to our long distance friendship.

We'd love to hear from you. Dont be shy to give our post your comments. If you have some information about sale or new place to go, dont forget to tell us. Promise?

Happy reading,