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REVIEW : The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion

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Oh hello,

Szasa's here. Not to forget to wish Suci and Helsi have a pleasant holiday in Japan. Wait for travel stories from them. It'll be full of pictures and tips.

But now i'll tell you about my current favorite face lotion. I'm one of persons who have problems with my skin since i was remember. When i was junior high i had this 'redness' and acne all over my face. It was horrible and it went on until high school and also when i was in college. And then my mother told me to go to skin clinic which make my face clean from acne. But after that, my face become more sensitive. I can not being expose to direct sunlight or it'll turns red. I have oily skin also, which looks disaster when i put on make up.

I decided to stop using anything from any skin clinic and start to try another skin care. I found something interesting with Tea Tree series from The Body Shop. It says it's good for acne and for oily skin, which i had all of that problems. I tried one product, called Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion from The Body Shop.

A light, non-oily moisturising lotion for blemished skin. For use after your Tea Tree cleansing regime.
  • Easily absorbed
  • With shine control for a matte finish
  • Antibacterial action
  • Clinically proven to give clearer-looking skin
(taken from here

At the first time using it, it has bit sting sensation on my face. But the sting didnt last longer. I though it was because of using the first time and my face is sensitive. But after few month, whenever i got some acne on my face the sting sensation comes again. I think that's how the tea tree extract works. I love the after effect after putting it on my face, it absorbs perfectly into my skin. Unlike other lotion that makes my face more oily. This product is very recommended for oily skin, because it feels like you're not wearing any lotion. But unfortunately this lotion doesnt have SPF inside. So if you work mostly under direct sunlight, i suggest you add SPF lotion separately or use hat or just dont stay direct under the sunlight too long.

It works fine so far, but you know beauty takes time. My face is now getting better, i also use BB cream tea tree series , i love it to bits! I'll review it later. Despite the pricey tag (hahahaha) but surely i'll buy another one.


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